Hoga Island – Wakatobi, Longing to Come Back

To me and inindonesiaku Friends it is truly a wonderful journey that we got to be introduced to Hoga Island at Wakatobi.

I started from woke up early at Tomia Island for the sake of catching up with the boat which taking me for two hours to reach the port of Kaledupa Island earlier.

And with feeling joy then i have to ride on the pickup car for twenty minutes, taking me to the other side of Kaledupa Island port.

The next thing was that i still have to ride on a speedboat for ten minutes.

Suddenly i felt so proud when the first time in my life, without represented by anybody else, i can directly feel the soft wind in Hoga Island.

I immediately stepped my feet into the beautiful white sand of Hoga Island which covered by the silence and serenity.

When i was there, the electricity only available started at 06.00 p.m. – 02.00 a.m. and not many people live in the island.

The lodging was very modest but the scenery presented there was very wonderful.

When i took a rest during the night i was always felt safe and comfortable because i was accompanied by the sound of a few small animal roaming around the lodging.

The white sand, the blue water and the small waves just never been tired to accompany me and friends playing along the coast.

Even the bright beautiful blue sky complete the cheerful moment that i can never forget.

Until finally me and IDC Friends encourage ourselves to get more intimate with the surrounding by diving the depth of Hoga Island sea which surprisingly made me carried away and wish the time stop until i felt content making out with all the miracle in the depth of Hoga Island sea.

A bunch of beautiful fish had been preparing their welcoming dance and i was somewhat forced to drain out my energy by chasing the fish which sometimes hiding behind the beautiful coral reef.

Eventhough now i am far away from the island, but the memory of enjoying the small exotic island with IDC Friends has always been awaken the longing feeling. I could only wish one day i can come back there to create another beautiful moment at Hoga Island – Wakatobi, Longing to Come Back, what a place to remember.

by Ina_nty

Translated by www.alinriona.com