Tomia Wakatobi, Your Beauty Is Perfect 

October 2014 was a month chosen by and friends to explore the famous island which wins the heart of the marine park lover, it is Wakatobi.

When the first time I stepped into Wangi Wangi, there is a stomping feeling in my heart, how wonderful this island is.

Soon after enjoying the beauty of Wangi Wangi, we were then challenged to explore the side of Wakatobi island.

It took four hours trip with a boat by the high waves which actually became more challenging for us.

And this has caused a few of IDC friends unavoidably happened to have seasick. Tomia Wakatobi, your beauty is perfect.

In the beginning of the journey, we felt the sense of togetherness accompanied by the sunlight.

But when its heat started to become hotter and piercing our skin, we had no choice but getting inside the boat.

While we were having small chat, four hours just passed and we arrived at the island called TOMIA.

The first impression that i got was that Tomia was just an ordinary island with the haf-finished dock and not to mention the unattractive Welcome Gateway.

But it was different when we were checking-in at the local lodging. That when i was feeling that Tomia Island is such a temptation.

The clean room and the hospitality of the owner felt like brought me home.

The moment that we were expected is come. Snorkeling.

It is one of the activity that becomes the highlight of IDC Friends in Wakatobi. We were taken to one of the best marine park spot.

Suddenly the crystal-clear water welcoming us and showing the very beautiful coral reef cluster.

That thing made me scream out loud “Oooohh, it’s so beautiful!” Soon after, i started to become so selfish.

Without waiting the others done with the snorkeling preparation, i already jumped first into the water.

I can only felt stunning while diving along the reef. This is definitely a Heaven! It’s so beautiful!

The water is very clear. The reef looks very well-maintained along with a bunch of fish swimming and surround it. “Oooohh, so wonderful”, i whispered in my heart.

I impatiently jumped onto the surface and screamed at my friends to immediately dive in and enjoying the beauty of Tomia marine park.

This wonderful marine park is gifted by God to Indonesia. Kollo Soha Beach, that’s the name of the snorkeling spot and we extremely enjoyed this spot very much.

The sun was down. Indeed we still reluctant to dive out. And finally, we enjoyed the serene afternoon and the sundown at Kollo Soha Beach.

What a priceless experience. It was only about time the night has to come and forcing us to go back to the land.

Not stopping there. We still have plenty to do on the day after. So i decided to sleep early for the sake of chasing the sunrise at the Puncak Kahianga.

Because of a bit late reaching at Puncak Kahianga, the sun had already been rising quite high.

However this place makes me fall in love in an instant. Not in the least even diminish this loving feeling because i already been stunned by its beauty.

Many people say that the sundown at Puncak Kahianga is more perfect than the sunrise. Ohh.. Suddenly i sat down and stared at the island across the Puncak Kahianga then i prayed.

God, please allow me one day to be able to enjoy the sundown in this place.

After enjoying the Puncak Kahianga, we then continued the journey to Benteng Patua Tomia. But because of the limited time, we only stay for awhile in this place.

Finally, with such an unwillingness i have to leave this island.

I am falling in love not only to the beauty of its undersea but also the infinite perfection of Puncak Kahianga, not to mention the very friendly people of the island and the cleanliness of the housing.

Exploring Wakatobi makes me said, “Thank you Lord that i was born in Indonesia.” I love Wakatobi and falling in love with it, especially with the Tomia island.

Tomia, i wish God allows me to come back to visit you and exploring another side of the more beautiful you. Tomia Wakatobi, Your beauty is perfect, a place to remember.

by Nik Sukacita

Translated by