Wakatobi, The Sunset Warmth at Sombu Jeti

Wakatobi has a meaning as WAngi-wangi, KAledupa, TOmia, BInongko – and this is the name of the islands scattered in Wakatobi.

The heat of the sunlight that afternoon was welcoming me and the other inindonesia.com Friends at Wangi-Wangi Airport.

I was extraordinary happy because i can see the beautiful blue sky of Wakatobi.

There are so many stunning snorkeling spots scattered around this Wangi Wangi island. When the afternoon came, Sombu Jeti snorkeling spot had prepared itself as a very wonderful host.

The pretty white cloud, the still wave, the crystal-clear water, the well-maintained colorful coral, and the dancing colorful fishes – they were all just in the right place.

The firm bridge as the gateway seems has opened its way widely and allowing us to enter unconditionally.

It only needs a smile and cheerfulness to be warmly accepted by this Sombu Jeti snorkeling spot. Wakatobi, The Sunset Warmth at Sombu Jeti.

Laughter was always accompany in every second i enjoyed while i was going around this snorkeling spot until finally the host serving us the main menu, it is the scenery of the sundown which unavoidably entertain my sight with a ultimate admiration.

It is the God kindness who has given Indonesia so many beautiful and breathtaking islands.

Enjoying Wakatobi, The Sunset Warmth at Sombu Jeti with the best friends has left its own trace in my heart which will never fade as time goes by and it is truly a place to remember.

by Ina_nty

Translated by www.alinriona.com